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Your UFO Show is about YOU!! 


If you’ve  experienced a sighting, 

abduction or lost time,

or would like to talk about planet X, Incoming,

Asteroids, Comets or Pole Shift, Solar C.M.E


Keep Looking Up

Planet X aka Nibiru

  Pole Shift 

  Solar C.M.E.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena 

What Happened to U.F.O.s?


Asteroids, Comets

Chief’s Corner


  • By submission of your text,photo(s) you hereby agree to and convey your permission to your UFO to use your submitted material(s) on the air and or web site. including storage,at the sole discretion of your UFO and further agree That you are the rightful owner of any and all submitted material including but not limited to text,photo(s). Your UFO will not sell or publish your private info.

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