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Keep Looking UP !!

Positive Thinking (in my opinion) Brings Positive Results!

We broadcast an entertainment show something a bit different from your run of the mill shortwave radio programs you’ll find on global shortwave broadcasting.

I Believe

It’s my opinion, if people focus on bad things, IE: world troubles, racism, greed, etc. that brings about more of those type things. I further believe everyone needs to keep up to date with whats going on in the world but not dwell on things you don’t want. Also I believe, it’s my opinion, if people focus on good things, IE: love, peace, happiness and good will, that will bring about more good thru-out the world.

We donate our time and money to keep this website up and running, to bring you our nightly show. We reach-out to listeners for donations to help keep us on the air, broadcasting with shortwave radio.

The uncertainty of airtime brings considerable stress to us, as I have mentioned on our nightly radio show. We only receive a small retirement and we can’t afford the 1 dollar per minute airtime, its just not in our budget. My wife was diagnosed with cancer almost 2 years ago, she doesn’t need any stress at all. It is for this reason and our small retirement income, we need shortwave radio airtime donations to fully fund, airtime for “your UFO radio show”, by the beginning of each month for that month’s broadcasting. I’m writing this to help our listeners more fully understand our situation and our continuing commitment even if it’s only a small contribution, toward world peace.


Join UFO Joe, week nights LIVE, where relaxing/smiles happen! Kick back, enjoy the show!!

Talk Radio with a light side”

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    Wife’s cancer…

    Update: It’s back, they did not get all of it, so it’s back to square one ! She says, she will beat the cancer!! Keep your prayers coming! Thanks UFO Joe 🙂


    Chef’s Corner recipe, nightly hosted, by the chief, “The Recipe Lady”

    UFO Joe’s opinions, you’ll never know what he’s going to talk about nightly !!

    Agree or disagree that’s up to you !!

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    Jim Hale’s
    State of the Earth Report

    Jim Hale’s nightly reports are posted after the show on our “Interesting Space News” page


    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena… What Happened to U.F.O.s?

    Sightings, abduction, lost time, planet X aka Nibiru, Incoming Asteroids, Comets, Pole Shift, Solar C.M.E., Earth Quakes, Volcanic Eruptions,

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    Note: Interesting news article links on this website are solely the opinions of the author(s)
    and are not necessarily the opinions of Your UFO or Your UFO Radio Show

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